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Welcome to MYASS | F.A.Q. | inside | plugins

MYASS online, will give wide area network, local area network and end users access to repositories of MYASS reference and resources. Download the latest drivers, add-ons, and plug-ins for MYASS.

Because MYASS has open standards third party vendors are anxiously jumping at the opportunity to put their plug-ins into MYASS.

  • BADASS - virus shield is automatically installed to stop the notorious HEADUP virus.
  • MYASS Finder - what's the matter? Can't find MYASS you say? Or maybe you left something in MYASS and can't find it anymore… got a lot of things that you have to get off MYASS, and you have to make a report yourself? The MYASS Finder will probe all annals and databases on the system, then putting out MYASS and all associated objects into an organized and easy to read index.
  • MYASS INDEX FINGER CLIENT - Lets other users in on the action. You can probe MYASS for key information and generate reports that reveals who is accessing MYASS currently.
  • DUMBASS Tutorial - If you can't figure it all out by yourself? The Dimwits Undertaking Mastery of Basic Application Software Systems (DUMBASS) Wizard will guide you through setting up MYASS for all kinds of users and general uses of MYASS.
  • CANDYASS - Colorful Automatic Neurotic Display of Your Application Software System (CANDYASS) screensaver collection comes with MYSuiteASS and over 50 random displays based on information stored in MYASS.
  • SMARTASS - Spelling Made Accurate with Reference and Thesaurus Application Software System (SMARTASS) spell checker. It's all that with a unique disposition and personality all its own.
  • BLOW it Out MYASS - mail merge functionality.
  • MYASS 'n GEAR - network administrators kit.

Coming soon:

  • Text reader software, for talking out MYASS.
  • Voice Recognition software for talking into MYASS.
  • MYASS Powertools, a complete set of diagnostic and analysis tools for advanced users of MYASS.
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