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Welcome to MYASS | F.A.Q. | inside | plugins

Q- Now let me get this straight, you want me to put MYASS, on my computer? Or am I supposed to put something from my computer into MYASS. Is there documentation or a manual?

A- MYASS comes with a full load of comprehensive, context sensitive help, and a Developer Kit is included.

Q- This is part of some conspiracy, they just want to get MYASS on desktops everywhere? It's their goal you know? Personally i don't enjoy the idea of MYASS getting huge. The worst things happens when software starts to gets too much circulation, it losses cohesiveness, and the ability to grasp smaller aspects by design. if MYASS was to go on every desktop, wouldn't there be a big chance of MYASS being corrupted?

A- I do agree that MYASS doesn't need to grow past a certain point, for it to do so would be detrimental to the wellbeing of whole program.

Q- well, not everyone can have MYASS, and even if they do they might not have a clue what to do with it. then again, if something goes wrong it is all up to MYASS to fix it then, isn't it?

Q- even though i administrated MYASS properly but the documentation doesn't say it allows for unsupported devices and plug-ins.

A- While the documentation does not explore the depths of the full potential of MYASS, we assure you that MYASS can accommodate a wide array of plug-in devices. In fact, There is evidence that MYASS may even work better with a device plugged into its multipurpose port.

Q- how much does it cost to have MYASS registered and licensed?

A- The source code to MYASS, will be put into public distribution channels to enhance the development of partner channels. Through multiple points of entry to the marketplace MYASS will be everywhere. Via Laplink, and remote use users of MYASS will be encouraged to use MYASS with no fees.

Q- If its too much i will have to pirate MYASS where available in other markets. The goal to developing anything is to build dependency so that you can keep MYASS, up to date, at a fee. Then you'll be dependent on MYASS, for more and more.

A- Pirating MYASS? Well, I guess if there was a big chance of getting a lot of money, Then this would be good, but I would hate to see MYASS end up in the wrong hands. And remember, if everybody had MYASS, then it wouldn't be so special anymore.

Q- What if a better package comes around? You might just want nothing to do with MYASS in the end, or when a more cooperative vendor comes your way. Then you'll just be saying, “MYASS, my ass.”

A- MYASS has a future. Included with MYASS are companion products such as:

  YOURASS (Your Own User Repository for Application Software System)
  HISASS (Hierarchical Index Search Application Software System)
  HERASS (Hierarchical Emergency Recovery Application Software System)

Companion products make the entire MYSuiteASS line of software that can be used to make MYASS more accessible than ever. Many people swear that MYASS is the best thing out there. SoftWatch reviews gives two thumbs up! “MYASS, is the best you can get anywhere!” With sufficient hardware MYASS, outstrips the performance of competitors. Even in the earliest stages of testing MYASS has proven it can take a rigorous beating and still put out like a champ.

Q- Can MYASS be automated?

A- Third party support of MYASS includes mail merge, FAX, and

Q- I have a hard time finding MYASS, is there an easier way to access MYASS?

Q- No technical experience is required to run MYASS. Just double-click the icon, and jump right in there when it opens.

Q- Sometimes I have difficulty retrieving things that I have stored in MYASS… How can I access anything important from MYASS?

A- Alternatively you can attempt to run MYASS finder, a priceless tool for zeroing in on targeted entries. If you still need help, technical support is always a phone call away.

Q- With everyone having open access to MYASS, I often find lots of people on MYASS.

In the future will there be more people on MYASS than ever before?

Q- What kind of people are using MYASS?

A- Anybody can use MYASS, doctors, lawyers, businessmen.

Q- If I get off MYASS, can I get back on?

A - Absolutely, MYASS is yours for as long as you choose to use MYASS. Since MYASS requires no licensing or registration and is free of cost, there is no reason why you should not be able to load MYASS as many times as you feel appropriate.

Q- Everyone's on MYASS but me, how do I get on MYASS too? Getting on MYASS has never been easier. Just go to the MYASS download web page, follow the instructions and MYASS will be coming down on your system the very same minute.

Q- Is MYASS secured? Because of the proliferation of viruses MYASS requires strict codes for authorized access and acts as protection for the integrity of MYASS.

If you really want to shut MYASS up tight you can install (Binary Anti-Destructive Application Software System) BADASS which poles MYASS constantly keeping the system refreshed meanwhile sealing off entry from any other user.

Q- I accidentally got a byte taken out of MYASS, or I think I busted MYASS. MYASS is fried, and now MYASS is useless. What am i doing wrong? This is the beauty of Hierarchical Emergency Recovery Application Software System (HERASS). HERASS is a fine piece of work that was designed for disaster recovery and the robust architecture allows for unforeseen system failures. HERASS is available only with MYSuiteASS. Just get your hands on HERASS and you are halfway back to recovery already.

Q- MYASS gets slow, and bogged down, then I get knocked off MYASS entirely, then I can't warm or cold boot MYASS at all after that. What do I do now?

A- This is not MYASS's fault, your system has the Headup virus which was specifically designed get deep into the bowels of the MYASS architecture. Once you have a Headup in MYASS, it is only a matter of time before it gets rooted down in the system, and then conflicts with MYASS Hardware Architecture Resource and Device Core (HARDCore) components causing the inconvenience of freezing MYASS offline constantly. You had better install BADASS in there, before you have a Headup MYASS so far you won't know if it is coming or going.

Q- I had a bug in MYASS, but i think it died, is it worth trying to get it out?

A- Definitely, what doesn't seem to be a big problem now can really cause big a stink later.

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